Jaw Pain (TMJ problems and cures)

Malocclusion4-use for tmjDo you have headaches, neck aches, clicking jaws, limited opening range of the jaw or ringing in the ears? It may be TMJ Syndrome. Some 60 million Americans have TMJS. Simply put, TMJS is the syndrome that happens when the muscles in the jaw and the temporomandibular joint are out of alignment or misaligned, causing problems when chewing. In simpler terms, the ligaments, muscles, bones and joints do not line up, thereby causing pain.

Symptoms of TMJ

• clicking, popping or grating sound when opening or closing the mouth
• headaches and/or dizziness
• tenderness in jaw muscles
• earache
• jaws that sometimes lock open when yawning or if mouth is held open
• spasm or cramps in the jaw area

Talk to us if you want to stop jaw and headache pain before it starts. Our treatment includes no pills, no shots, no surgery, and no side effects. We can treat these problems because they are most likely caused by clenching your teeth when you’re sleeping and occasionally throughout the day. When you clench your teeth you use some of the strongest muscles in your body. These muscles can cause morning headaches and tension headaches, and even damage surrounding joints, teeth, and other muscles.

The high-intensity contractions of these powerful muscles become painful and the forces generated cause pain in surrounding tissues, joints, and other muscles. By reducing the intensity of the clenching, you’re effectively minimizing the source of the pain.

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