Dental Articulator

If you are having issues with your jaw alignment, need TMJ treatment or are receiving a dental restoration, Dr. Ben Gerkin may use a dental articulator to better provide for your dental needs.

What Is a Dental Articulator?
Used to measure the range of movement in the jaw, a dental articulator is a small instrument that can be attached to a dental restoration to reproduce the natural movements of the mouth. Because it is a mechanical tool, it can be adjusted during restoration manufacturing as needed to fit the parameters of the restoration and to provide better accuracy for the appliance.

When Is a Dental Articulator Used?
It is primarily used for maxillary and mandibular testing for orthodontic or prosthodontic appliances and restorations, such as dentures, dental bridges, night guards and other dental mouthpieces. The device is used to help ensure the custom restorations are tailor fit to the patient’s mouth and produce the best results.

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