Fiber-Optic Transillumination

Our office is dedicated to providing preventive care for all our patients. One of the preventive technologies we use at our dental office is fiber-optic transillumination (FOTI).

What Is Fiber-Optic Transillumination?
When a flexible fiber-optic cord is placed gently in the mouth, intense, bright light is shown through the tooth, illuminating its interior so the tooth appears translucent, much like what can be done for a chicken egg.

How Is It Useful?
This illuminated, translucent tooth allows our dentist to see defects in the tooth that are often not visible to the naked eye, such as micro cracks or caries (cavities). With dental issues properly shown, our dentist can better diagnose them and provide solutions and treatments to repair the tooth before anything escalates into a more prominent issue.

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